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Details, Details

December 2, 2009

No, this isn’t a Rorschach test, but it is a quick game that will test your knowledge of the composites industry and maybe win you a prize.

Below are close-up photos of 10 objects made of composites that can be found in the auto, sports and recreation, construction, renewable energy and other market segments.

If you’re as good as you think you are (or just better than your coworkers), post your guesses of the identity of these objects, numbered 1-10, in the comments section below. Everyone who posts the correct answers by Dec. 18 will be entered in a drawing to win a free registration to COMPOSITES 2010 in Las Vegas, Feb. 9-11. Winners will be announced on the our blog December 21st.

Details, Details

Need some help? Visit CM Twitter for clues.

*you may also submit answers to Melinda Skea, CM’s Managing Editor.

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