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Composites in the News Last Week

September 20, 2010

Hexagon Composites signed a new contract with Daimler AG for composite fuel tanks, which will be installed in the next generation of Mercedes-Benz B-class sedans.

The Department of Defense granted Iowa nearly $87 million in funds, some going to the growth of composites.

Continental Structural Plastics is in the market for a new composite factory that will focus on lightweight composite automotive parts.

Red Bull Racing began using Firehole Technologies, a composite materials analysis software developer, for its Formula One cars.

Progressive Automotive wins $10 million at X Prize competition.

A robotically-woven composite cycle frame introduced to cycle enthusiasts.

Natural fiber composites bring increased strength to tennis.

The world’s first full-scale production facility making composite power distribution poles opened in Australia.

Ford CEO says he is cautious on using composite parts.

Swedish-based Kockums delivered its first composite CarboCAT catamaran to Flinty Marine.

Boeing Texas plant takes over troubleshooting step of new Dreamliner.

Northern Power Systems received government fund to further research on renewable energy.

Expecting a wind-turbine epicenter shift, Suzlon pours money into China.

Maine companies and government are in a clash over wind-turbine noise.

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