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Composites in the News Last Week

January 17, 2011

UNS University has developed composite train component prototypes using a variety of natural fibers.

Energy Composites Corporation names Timothy Sherlock as interim CFO.

The city of San Diego approved the first vertical axis wind turbine within the country for home use.

Gamesa won the contract to build Syria’s first wind farm and Sunset Energietechnik to simultaneously develop the first solar plant.

Taisei Construction Corporation installed a vertical-blade wind turbine, the first within the U.S., in Billings, Montana.

People in Mumbai now have less noise pollution to worry about, thanks to infrastructure sound barriers using sound barriers used at construction sites.

German airplane maker PC-Aero is developing a single seat electric airplane, utilizing various composite components.

Philadelphia University and MAG established a new composites institute aimed at developing textile-based composites for industrial applications.

Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo spaceship aced another glide test, getting it one step closer to launch.

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